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Since 1999~

Since 1999~

9-3-1999, soñadora, amante de la música, el arte, el baile, el canto...me encantaría viajar a cualquier parte del mundo, Directioner, Mixer, 5sosfamily, de TWFanmily, y Cim Fan. AMO GLEE. ADORO TEEN WOLF. http://ask.fm/CeliaR99. Así soy yo, ah! por cierto, me llamo Celia. :) Estos links son de mis Tumblrs que son: The Wanted http://mermeliaa13.tumblr.com/ y One Direction http://one1directionlovece.tumblr.com/ :D

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A couple of new items. These are Hamsas. They’re middle eastern amulets that span cultures in the region. They’re incredibly ancient symbols that date back to ancient mesopotamia. They’ve been adopted by every culture and religion spanning the Arabian Peninsula to the tip of Gibraltar. They are said to ward off the evil eye, but have a deep set of symbolism attached to them.

My design maintains the open palm motif, but it’s an update on the traditional designs you often see. I included the city of Jerusalem on the tips of the fingers and some of the important crops found in the middle east, such as wheat, pomegranates and date palms. I created two versions. One with the Magen David — the Star of David and national symbol of Israel — and one with a dove symbolizing peace.

Because of their relatively small size (just under 7” tall”) and the fact that they’re just one layer of paper, I priced them to be very affordable. And free shipping! You can find them in my etsy shop at www.papercutsbyoren.etsy.com.

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